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Project CARE

Los Angeles residents came together to provide more than 2500 seniors with needed and quality of life items.  

Some of the seniors agreed to have their photos taken and LAFA has put them together here.  LAFA and the Los Angeles Detective Bureau would like to extend a heart felt "Thank you!" to everyone who made Project CARE such a success.

The Los Angeles Foundation on Aging (LAFA) has created Project CARE.  Project CARE is an anti-poverty program for at-need seniors.  The project centers around care managers and social workers who identify seniors in need, which are typically homebound and at or below the poverty level.  The LAFA, and its volunteers from the community, create gift packages for the selected seniors.  Gift packages often include items that most people take for granted such as toiletries, grocery and pharmacy gift cards, and postage stamps as well as books, art supplies and other activity items.  Once the packages are put together, LAFA works with the care managers and social workers to deliver the packages to the seniors.

For more information on how you can support the program, contact Elizabeth Franco at 213.808.2366 or via email or donate now.

Home Delivered Meals Survey

LAFA conducted a survey of home delivered meals participants.  The survey was conducted to provide direction in the fundraising efforts of LAFA to expand the program.


LAFA has set a goal to increase the home delivered meals program to 7-days a week.  However, only about a third of seniors who participate in the program expressed a desire to have meals 7 days a week.  More than half indicated that they would like to receive a monthly fresh fruit and vegetable basket.   This and other information gathered from the survey will help LAFA identify the direction it will take in expanding the program.