Get Ready LA

Members will receive training and resources in an accessible and professional format, so members and their staff have everything they need to build and strengthen their capacity to effect change within their organizations.


LAFA Mission Statement

The mission of LAFA is to improve the quality of life for older adults and their families in Los Angeles by improving upon and expanding existing services, and supporting new and innovative programs.


LAFA’s vision for Los Angeles is to have a Community where:
The needs of older people are met with dignity and professionalism.

Older adults in Los Angeles have access to the services they need, and are empowered by choice.

Older adults and their caregivers in Los Angeles are equipped to advocate for and have access to services in their communities.

Older Adults and their caregivers have the information and tools necessary to make informed decisions.


LAFA values:
Maintaining a high level of integrity, quality, and excellence in service provision.

Empowering individuals with information to make decisions that best suit their needs and lifestyle.

Consumer centered approaches to services in the community.

Recognizing the diversity of older people and their different needs, choices, cultures and values.

Collaborating is essential to maximizing resources and program success.