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Learn more about how Project CARE helps older adults. Mayor Eric Garcetti talks about the program and what you can do to help. View his video to learn more about the program.
How We Help Participants
Project CARE is a cause that I care for; it embodies the spirit of giving and helping to those in need. This program reaches out to the homebound older adults that need to know that they have a community that cares for them. I love this program and what we do. -- Head Elf
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Frank's story
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Frank received a very generous gift through Project CARE. “My wish was for Veterinary care for my ailing cat that is a big part of my life. The gift card enabled me to take Tosca to a vet today. She was started on some medications which I hope and pray work. If they don’t there is both good and bad news. The bad news is that the tests needed t fully diagnose her problem would cost $540. The GOOD and more important news is that the vet gave Tosca a referral to an organization called “The Pet Care Center” which will provide free or low cost services if the meds don’t solve the problem. The bottom line is that the generosity of the gift got the process started to get care for my ailing fur baby, and I am so thankful and appreciative for that.``
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Silvia's Story
Silvia Participates in the Nutrition Program
“I was approached by the Dining Coordinator to participate in Project CARE, I say I only wanted to ask for something I really needed which was an iron and ironing board. When the gifts came in and I received the ironing board I was so happy because I couldn’t believe that I actually received what I really needed.” She was grateful because it takes a big heard to be able to give a special gift to a senior for the holidays.
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When I was approached to participate in Project CARE, I decided that I really wanted to adopt someone and make a difference in their holiday season. When I saw what people were asking for, I knew I had to adopt more than just 1 person. People were asking for simple necessities that I knew would really make a difference to them, like slippers and blankets. As I saw their pictures, I could not resist adopting several people. It was easy to do and really made me feel like I was able to help others this holiday season.
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Helps Older Adults By Giving
I deliver food to the seniors that are unable to leave their house. It is more exciting to drop off their lunch and a gift bag for the holidays. Some of the seniors have no visitors throughout the day but me. I love to see the faces of the seniors and how excited they get. I get very excited during the holidays because I know my seniors will receive a holiday gift. Thank you Project CARE for letting me bring joy to my seniors.
Volunteer's Story
--Delivery Elf
We love participating in Project CARE because it brings us closer to the citizens of Los Angeles that we are here to protect and serve. We started off by sponsoring twenty seniors at our location. We now sponsor over 60 seniors a year. We love to bring happiness and joy to the seniors during the holiday seasons.
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